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  • Body Ball : 4 Players

  • The Sack

  • by Body Ball

Body Ball : 4 Players

The Sack

by Body Ball


BODY BALL Directions


Games are played to a score of 17 points (unless otherwise specified by a tournament director) 

Your partner throws the ball toward you and...

-Direct swoosh into the net

-Use any part of your body except your hands to get it in the net

-Ball can bounce once on ground or a wall into the net 

Teammates stand 6 feet apart, each with an opponent along-side of them. Each teammate gets 2 throws to get the ball into their teammates net, then the second teammate has their turn to do the same.

If all 4 shots go in on that team’s turn, they have the option to stay 6 feet apart or both take a step back. Your opponents must move with you, so the next turn will be further for everyone - OR you may choose to stay at your current distance.